Friday, June 28, 2019

Saints Who Read "The Salvation of Sinners": Holy New Martyr Zacharias of Patras (+ 1782)

Saints Who Read Salvation of Sinners

Holy New Martyr Zacharias of Patras

The Holy New Martyr Zacharias was from the Peloponnesos in Greece in the region of Arta. He renounced Christ to become a Muslim, then went to old Patras and worked there as a furrier, establishing a workshop to manufacture furs. He had a book, titled Salvation of Sinners, which he often read in secret. The book moved him to repentance, and he wept bitterly for the great evil he had done.

Zacharias, unable any longer to bear the pangs of conscience, met a certain Elder and told him of his sin. Having confessed his apostasy to a priest renowned for his virtue, he revealed his desire to confess Christ before the Turks. The Elder advised prudence and told him to spend forty days alone in fasting and prayer in order to put his resolution to the test.